Connected Educator Month 2016 launches on October 1. Soon we’ll be putting up a post weekly with highlighted events you might want to check out for the coming week. Make sure you watch for that, and in the meantime, here are ten things you can do to get ready! We hope you’re excited to get connected during the month of October.

1. Download your free Starter Kit

Connected Educator Month Starter KitNever been part of an online professional community or network? Already part of a community or network, but want to be more connected? The Connected Educator Month Starter Kit (which was created in 2015 but still relevant for 2016) can help you on both fronts.

Loaded with helpful links and embedded videos, the kit takes a 31 days approach for this special month, giving you one simple way to get more connected every day.

Download your free starter kit here.

2. Get the latest updates

Sign up to get all the latest CEM news and follow our blog to keep up with Connected Educator Month happenings.

3. Get to know our 2016 themes

Learn more about this year’s themes. There’s sure to be something of interest no matter what your role in education. You can even search by themes on our calendar.

4. Create a calendar profile, find events

calendarThe new Connected Educator Month calendar offers many enhancements. One is that you can create a free personal account for yourself that will allow you to create a custom schedule that you can integrate with your own calendar system — it’ll automatically send you reminders for events you’re interested in too! Learn more here, including tutorial videos to show you how to use the calendar.

5. Add events to the calendar

Add your organization’s events, whether specifically created for Connected Educator Month or not, to the calendar. Need help coming up with events and activities for the month? Here’s a guide that will give you overall advice, as well as detailed ideas for formats and topics.

6. Blog, tweet, and more! Help spread the word

Help spread the wordWant to show your support for Connected Educator Month and what it stands for? Want to encourage other educators to come join the discussions, the explorations, and the fun? Or maybe you just to let others know that when people talk about “connected educators,” that means you or your organization. Check out the supporter toolkit.

7. Join a book club

join-a-book-clubThe Connected Educators Book Club is an opportunity to read books about or related to connected learning and online communities, then discuss them with your peers and in some cases the author, through asynchronous (self-paced) dialog and through other scheduled activities such as Twitter chats, webinars and more. Learn more and sign up.

8. Make connections with edConnectr

CEM is first and foremost about making connections. CEM’s edConnectr uses tags and maps to make it easy and fun to create profiles to collaborate, get help, or just connect. Tell us about yourself, find other educators like you, and then connect & collaborate with edConnectr.

9. Make friends with Connected Educator Month

Like us on Facebook.

10. Join our Twitter tribe

Follow us on Twitter, as well as the #ce16 hashtag.

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