Bridging Content and Community with Badges on the NSTA Learning Center

In April of 2008, NSTA launched an electronic professional development … More

Learning Capability & Efficiency at Different Levels of Scale

Filmed in August 2011 at the American Institutes for Research, in this interview excerpt Etienne Wenger stresses to Darren Cambridge the importance of considering multiple dimensions of identity at multiple levels of scale when considering how online communities of practice can build learning capacity and increase efficiency in education.


Supporting Teacher Professional Learning through Online Communities of Practice and Personal Learning Networks at New Milford High School

Teacher participation in afterschool professional development opportunities is often uneven, and lack of time is a common explanation. Time during the school day can be allocated to professional development through transforming some of the time set aside for non-instructional duties into a professional growth period. During this time, staff members will create innovative learning activities, develop interdisciplinary projects, attend webinars, view research-based videos, and engage in online communities of practice as a means to further their professional growth. They will explain how each activity is being implemented into practice to improve teaching and learning in a portfolio.