As part of our ongoing efforts to distribute ownership of Connected Educator Month to the community, once again we opened up theme selection as an opportunity available to any member of the connected community.

CSforALLTeachers_Logo_90x59  Computer Science for All: How to Ensure Equity and Access so that All Means All

The CS for All Teachers virtual community of practice, supported by the National Science Foundation and managed by the American Institutes for Research, is sponsoring this year’s theme on equity and access in computer science education. Computer science should be part of every student’s education, and teachers need support to make this happen. Whether you are a veteran computer science teacher or just getting started, there is a place for you in this year’s Computer Science for All theme. Below is a list of webinars being offered by the community.


VIF-Logo-150x100 Collaborative Professional Development in the 21st Century 

VIF International Education is sponsoring this year’s theme on collaborative professional development (PD). Teachers who embrace new technologies recognize that PD can be achieved in part through collaboration with other educators. PD in the digital age should be participatory in nature, where ideas and resources are exchanged and incorporated into instruction. For decades, lofty school reform rhetoric has identified the skills and knowledge that have to be integrated into everyday practice. A collaborative platform that facilitates resource discovery and best practices gives teachers ownership of their own PD. As personal learning networks expand, teachers achieve more recognition in their school communities and beyond. Ultimately, it’s about empowerment and self-discovery through the expansion of personal learning networks, and the ability to blend in voices, concepts and tools from all over the world. Check back for details on their activities during October.

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