Expanding Your Professional Learning

A guest post by Monica Burns

Last month, Apple announced Apple Teacher, a new program created to support and celebrate educators teaching all levels and subject areas.

What is the Apple Teacher program?

The Apple Teacher program provides a self-paced learning experience for educators. It includes learning materials, tips, inspiration, and news to help teachers discover the power of Apple tools in the classroom. As an Apple Distinguished Educator and former one-to-one iPad classroom teacher, I know about the amazing things that can happen when technology tools are used to take your instructional goals to the next level.

How will the Apple Teacher program change your PD?

As a professional development facilitator, it is so exciting to see this new release from Apple Education. Badging is a wonderful way to get anyone excited about mastering new content. Teachers can decide if they want to focus on iPad or Mac proficiency before exploring different tools on each device. Even if your school isn’t one-to-one, a better understanding of both the Mac and iPad can help you make the most of the devices your students can access. From GarageBand to Pages, the tools in the Apple ecosystem can be tailored to all grade levels and subject areas.

Having spent the past few years helping schools integrate technology tools into their curriculum goals, I know how important it is to give teachers an opportunity to explore new tools with a hands-on approach. The Apple Teacher program offers a great framework for personalizing professional development to teachers’ interests and skill level. With guidance from an instructor, or independently using the resources on Apple Education’s website, teachers can earn badges as they discover ways to use powerful Mac and iOS tools in their classroom. Just this week, I had the opportunity to share the Apple Teacher program with a group of teachers at a school in New York City. We focused our time on Keynote so teachers could learn how to use this presentation tool in the context of their curriculum goals.

I challenge schools to share this new program with staff and colleagues to inspire teachers to dive in and try new things. Below are some ideas to help get the word out:

  • Email your faculty or colleagues
  • Make an announcement during your next staff meeting
  • Take a photo of recognized Apple Teacher(s) and share it on social media with the hashtag #AppleTeacher
  • Share a link to the Apple Teacher program on your school or district social media accounts

You can click here to learn more about the Apple Teacher program and sign up to get started!


Monica Burns is an author, speaker, curriculum and ed tech consultant and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site ClassTechTips.com for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher or email monica@classtechtips.com to learn about the ways Monica can support your school.

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