U.S. Department of Education

Bernadette Adams
Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Education Technology

American Institutes for Research

Darren Cambridge, Senior Consultant, Project Director

Marshal Conley, Education Consultant

Lauren Amos, Researcher

Kathleen Perez-Lopez, Senior Research Scientist

Consortium for School Networking

Keith R. Krueger, CEO

Gordon Dahlby, Director of Online Communities of Practice

Forum One Communications

Tim Shaw, Managing Director, Strategy Services

Jenn Johnson, Project Director

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

Glenn Kleiman, Executive Director and Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in the North Carolina State University College of Education

Sherry Booth, Research Associate

Shaun B. Kellogg, Research Associate

Grunwald Associates LLC

Peter Grunwald, President

Tom de Boor, Online Communities Lead

Martha Vockley, Writer and Editor

State Educational Technology Directors Association

Douglas Levin, Executive Director

Lia Dossin, Manager of Online Community and Technology

Geoffrey Fletcher, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives & Communications

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  1. Seamus Clune says:

    Dear Connected Educators
    I am a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University and currently researching online Communities of Practice. May I have permission to send an email link to your members for an online survey? (I expect to have the survey instrument ready by the beginning of June.) If yes, would you also let me know how many current members are in Connected Educators?

    Seamus Clune

    Here is the abstract from my proposal.

    Technology has altered the classroom instructional paradigm. This change demands that the school community transform itself by providing more opportunities for professionalism, collaboration, risk-taking and reflection among teachers about pedagogy and student learning. Transformational principal leadership is widely perceived as a necessary catalyst for this change. This quantitative study will specifically explore the nature of the relationship between perceptions of transformational principal leadership, teacher self-efficacy, personal characteristics, and the effective use of educational technology for instruction in regards to those teachers who participated in an online K-12 Communities of Practice. This proposed investigation is guided by this primary question. 1) Does a K-12 teacher’s participation in an online Community of Practice increase their effective use of educational technology for instruction? This study will also focus on the following secondary questions. 2) Does a teachers’ perception of transformational principal leadership positively influence the effective use of educational technology? 3) What elements of a teachers’ perception of transformational principal leadership and teacher self-efficacy explain the observed differences in the effective use of educational technology? 4) Does the interaction between elements of a teachers’ perception of transformational leadership together with teacher self-efficacy better explain their positive influence on the effective use of educational technology?

    Three survey tools will be utilized to gather data. Teacher Self-Efficacy scale will be used to measure a teacher’s self-efficacy beliefs regarding a particular task. The Teacher’s Use of Educational Technology in US Public Schools survey will be used to measure teacher and student use of educational technology and teacher training and preparation to effectively use educational technology for instruction. The Global Transformational Leadership scale will be used to gather principal leadership perceptions from their teachers.

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  2. Prakhar V says:

    ​​I am the founder of ParentingSaga (www.parentingsaga.com) which is a collaborative website where everyone is invited to share Tips and Articles on topics related to child learning (up to the age of 17), childcare, health systems, kid merchandise and healthy parenting (Collectively called Content). Anyone, regardless of their culture, background or qualifications, may participate in reviews, share experiences, highlight preferences and discuss struggles related to child learning and healthy parenting.

    I would like to invite you to post/make available any information or audio/video material that promotes your mission through ParentingSaga.

    Further, I would like to request your members to join our network and share best practices/articles that promote early child development and healthy parenting.

    ParentingSaga has been configured with easy instructions (http://www.parentingsaga.com/index.php/Home/GettingStarted) to add/edit content. Anyone can add/edit content by entering the Content title and clicking Create/Edit, which generally results in improved quality through open and transparent consensus. E.g. on the Learnings home page (http://www.parentingsaga.com/index.php/Learning/Learning). It also supports media content.


    DISCLAIMER: Although ParentingSaga owns and maintains the site, it is not involved in the creation or edition of every content. ParentingSaga relies on the contributors that the information in a content is accurate and current. Contributors are expected to add truthful information, personal views and opinions that others may deem helpful. It is the contributors’ responsibility to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, federal and international laws (including minimum age requirements).

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  3. Let’s get connected, for TOGETHER we Americans WILL awaken our fellow citizens in preserving our nation by saving our schools. How? Let’s spend a few minutes sharing this Facebook post (& THANKS in advance!)… ;-)

    Dear Fellow Americans,


    Whether it be local or national
    If you have any fame to your name
    Realize that our educational woes aren’t due to teachers and schools
    But that society’s attitude toward public ed. is to blame.
    PLEASE use your influence
    So America’s SURE TO WIN this game.


    Jennifer A. Luznar :-)

    J :-)

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