2015 was the biggest year yet for CEM. By sponsoring CEM 2016, you’ll work with us to build upon that remarkable success.

Sponsoring CEM offers you worldwide reach, especially to the influencers (connected educators) who drive online education traffic and unparalleled opportunities to network and collaborate with a who’s who of education organizations and companies.

Being a sponsor also offers opportunities to positively position your brand with influencers and decision-makers, demonstrate thought leadership in your areas of interest, expand and shape your target markets, launch or promote new offerings with the full support of the connected education community, gain market intelligence from connected education leaders and data from the event itself, and more. Become a sponsor today!

CEM Membership

If sponsorship isn’t quite right, you can now support us by becoming a CEM member! Some exclusive member benefits for our early adopter members include:

  • Priority listing on our list of participating organizations, ahead of non-members: a page that will be prominently promoted in every CEM newsletter (it’s already one of the most popular pages on the site)

  • Your logo on the participating organizations page (non-members will only be listed, without a logo)

  • A link to your homepage from the participating orgs page (currently not done for any group)

  • A guarantee that your events and activities during CEM will be promoted in our newsletter, Twitter, blog, and other vehicles (there are getting to be so many offerings in October we can no longer guarantee this to everyone, as we’ve done in the past)

Connected educators are the best group to have in your corner in education (ask us why), and we do not forget who has supported us. Sponsorship is the best way to do this, but every membership really helps!

Become a member today

How much is it to join?

As is often the case in education, the cost of CEM membership is dependent on the resources your organization has available:

  • b7268c6e-0f2c-431e-9456-48a66675b469$25/year if you’re an individual educator
  • $100/year if your org has 1-10 employees
  • $250/year if your org has 11-24 employees
  • $500/year if your org has 25-49 employees
  • $750/year if your org has 50-99 employees
  • $1,000/year if your org has 100 or more employees

Sign me up to be an early adopter!

Won’t you be an inaugural member of Connected Educator Month? Proudly proclaim that you were an early adopter, part owner of CEM 2016!

Become a member today

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