Connected Educator Month Calendar

  • Use the search box and filters at right to help you find events and activities of interest. To find events/activities just for you, roll over “primary audience” at right. To find events/activities on a specific topic of interest, roll over each of the event types at right.
  • By default, events are displayed in Eastern Daylight (New York) time. Learn how to view events in your local time here.
  • Register as an attendee or organization to create a profile, make your customized calendar, interact with other attendees, and more. Click here for tutorial videos.
  • Add your customized calendar to Google Calendar, iCal, and more here.
  • Or add an event to the calendar by clicking here.
  • Use the Duration menu on the form to indicate how long your event lasts. If it is a one time occurrence, like a live webinar, select “One Day.” Select “Ongoing” if your event spans multiple days, like an blog discussion, course, or conference.

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