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There will be a whole lot of reflection, celebration, and taking things to the next level at the end of the month. Join us for…
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What We’ve Learned

What we've learned

It’s hard to believe we’re already getting ready to wrap up–where has the time gone? Connected Educator Month has been a constant flow of learning, creating, collaborating, and connecting. The vast range of events and activities have taught us new things, helped us to examine our teaching and leadership practice, and brought up new questions to be answered. The good news is that this year it’s only a beginning, a time to take stock, reflect, and continue forward. But for now, as the days themselves draw to a close, what can we take away from this month of connection? What have we learned?

In these final two centrally programmed Connected Educator Month sessions, we will reflect on the expanse of activities and learning. With the help of special guests we will review what we’ve learned, and give participants a handful of top takeaways from our month of learning. What can we carry with us into the school year and beyond? What new questions have arisen that have yet to be answered? We’ll also take a look at Connected Educator Month by the numbers for those of us who want to review the data and compare statistics with last year. Join us!

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Reflect and Win Prizes

On October 30 & 31, we want to see the web become a forum full of open reflection about Connected Educator Month. Use the #ce13 hashtag on social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest to tell your story about how Connected Educator Month has influenced you. What did you learn? Did you make a special connection with another learner? How will you use your CEM knowledge in the future?

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edConnectr Matchmaker Challenge

Have you discovered the unlimited potential of edConnectr for connecting you with…

  • Others who share your interest?
  • Others who are willing to share their expertise with you?
  • Others who would benefit from yours?

A Challenge For You To Help Close The Month, And Begin The Rest Of The Year…

Epic prizes, including all four books from the CEM Book Clubs!

Take the Matchmaker Challenge, win great prizes, and earn a badge!

Looking for more tips and tricks? Here’s 4 minute video that’s been created by IntroNetworks CEO Mark Sylvester on getting the most out of your edConnectr searches.


Keep It Moving Forward

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Connected Educator Month was every month? It is up to all of us (this means YOU!) to keep the momentum going throughout the year, to make CEM a beginning, a kickoff, not an end in itself. We want to move you to action to continue the excitement, the learning, and the reflection on connecting and collaborating in your classroom, school, district, and beyond. And keep bringing more and more of the great teachers who aren’t yet connected into the conversation (despite our collective best efforts, and we know you tried, we couldn’t get them all connected in one month).

Steps to make every month Connected Educator Month


Halloween Howl Afterparty Cohosted with ISTE


October 31, 9:00pm – 11:00pm EST

ISTE logoBats, cats, monsters, and moonlight! Halloween is upon us and along with this holiday comes a delightful and dreadful event – the end of Connected Educator Month! In celebration, our closing ceremony will be a wondrous mix of chilling costumes, enchanting entertainment, great prizes, and devilish discussions. Whether you drop in for a hair-raising hello or join us for the entire 2-hour party, we hope to see YOU on Halloween! Here’s what’s in store for this petrifying party:

9:00 – A Wicked Welcome – Meet the other ghouls and goblins who came out for this epic event, and learn what’s planned for the night ahead.

9:15 – Beastly Badge Bonanza – Go wild and release your inner badge beast! Get out your claws and make a grab for it as you complete activities and collect badges that eluded you during Connected Educator Month. Make a suggestion for badge for #ce14 and earn a Badge Creator badge.

9:25 – The Scariest Thing – Hear and tell terrifying stories about the barriers that prevent connected learning. Listen to the toe-curling tales and share about your own harrowing brushes with barriers, budgets, push-back, and more. Together, let’s also talk about how to smash these beastly barriers with some proactive solutions.

9:50 – Eerie EduSlam – Keep your ears and eyes open as five of our selected educators give 3-minute talks about tools or PD ideas related to connected learning. You’re sure to be ensnared by their illuminating ideas. Want to participate? Tell us about what you’d present and your talk could be selected! Submit your idea here.

10:05 – Enchanting Entertainment (by YOU!) – Fall under a spell as connected educators from all over the globe showcase their terrific, thrilling, and terrible talents. Do you sing, dance, or perform all sorts of “magic”? We need you to show us! What will be revealed in this session is not for the faint of heart. Don’t miss it! Are you entertaining? Tell us about your talent and we’ll you could be selected to showcase it during our entertainment segment. Tell us about your talent here.

10:20 – Chilling, Creepy, and Cute: The Costume Contest – You wouldn’t dare come to a party on Halloween without a costume, would you? Open your eyes and ears, and revel in the spine-chilling, spirited, scary, shocking, and sweet costumes of the other party-goers. Make sure your webcam and microphone are connected so you can frighten or charm us with your unique getup for the evening.

10:45 – Weird Wondering Wizardry – Let’s collectively cackle and carve out questions about what we wonder as we wrap up Connected Educator Month. Bring your most pointy (or is that pointed?) questions and contribute to this creatively creepy discussion of wondering wizardry.

11:00 – Trick or Tweet – As we say goodnight and wander off into the mist, we’ll post our final thoughts, farewells, reflections, and favorite moments from the evening. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #ce13 in your terrible, terrifying, or touching tweets.

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The folks at ISTE want to invite everyone over to their conference in Atlanta on June 28-July 1, 2014 where we can all meet-up face-to-face and let the connected goodness continue!

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