Using a scanned photo from the 1960s of her fourth-grade classroom, and a collaborative multimedia platform (ThingLink), technology integration specialist Laurie Toll of Osseo Area Schools in Maple Grove, Minnesota, launched her own collaborative project. She created an interactive Web-based poster and invited educators to “21stcentury-ize” the classroom by adding ideas, links, images, or video to the photo.

“The purpose of this project was to invite educators to collaboratively reflect and share their vision for a connected and engaged learning environment in a whimsical and meaningful way,” Toll said. “I loved the creativity and variety of responses and that people actually stopped by to contribute. It was a living, growing, dynamic document built and shared by connected educators everywhere!”

This collaborative project would not have had the same impact outside the context of Connected Educator Month, Toll said. “Connected Educator Month played a huge part in getting the message out to other educators. Leveraging the connections of colleagues involved in Connected Educator Month brought more activity to the project than if I had just shared it within my own network.”

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