Connected Educator Month for States: Making It Count 

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What Is Connected Educator Month?

Connected Educator Month is a month-long celebration of community, with educators at all levels, from all disciplines, moving towards a fully connected and collaborative profession.  Its goals include:

  • Helping districts promote and integrate virtual learning into their formal professional development approaches.
  • Stimulating and supporting collaboration and innovation in professional development
  • Getting more educators “connected” (to each other)
  • Deepening and sustaining the learning of those already connected

For more information about Connected Educator Month, see the Department of Education’s CEM 2012 report

Why Participate?

Connected Educator Month provides SEAs with the opportunity to:

  • Work with U.S. Department of Education, leading professional organizations/associations and other states to provide professional learning in support of the President’s ConnectED initiative.
  • Use Connected Educator Month to advance your other key education goals (CEM will include events/activities related to virtually every key educational issue, in an online community/network context) by:
    • Using CEM to generate press/media attention (see sample press release)
    • Creating and sharing your own CEM with your districts, using a simple tool we’ll be providing, and events/activities on the CEM calendar that reflect your priorities (coming soon)
    • Getting recognition for participation, and levels of participation (TBD)
    • Getting access to available state-specific data on Connected Educator Month participation and other metrics.

How To Participate

Undertake any of the following activities (only the first is required):

Sign up to participate here!

(We’ve just started reaching out to state leaders, and the response has been very positive–the list at right only represents official confirmations and will be growing soon–unlike some groups, we won’t add your state to the list just because someone living in your state says they’re participating!)

Special Connected Educators Month State Events, Activities

Calendar coming soon!

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  1. Akiah Gipson says:

    I work with our state community college elearning consortium. How can be become involved as a state?

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