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All signs point to this year’s Connected Educator Month being much bigger than last year’s, which means we’re going to need a lot of help to ensure everyone has a great experience this year.  We also know that if you want something done, ask an educator, and that we all want CEM to become the world’s biggest collaboration. So we’re asking if we can take advantage of your calling, your innate urge to help that sets you–and us–apart from other professionals.  All we can promise is that you’ll be helping to build something to last, and probably having a PD experience that feels a little more meaningful than ‘sit & get’ seat time.  In any case, here are a few possibilities–let us know if any of them feel like you…


One of the hallmarks of last year’s CEM was its highly interactive and participatory webinars and other live events.  One of the themes of this year’s event is increasing educators’ voice in professional development, and we want do even more in 2013 to pull you out of the audience and onto the stage. You’re always welcome to put events on the CEM calendar, of course, but we know many of you don’t want to have to carry a whole event by yourself, to present for an hour or more, or just don’t have access to a platform to present with, so we’re issuing an open call for presentations by educators related to or aligned with this year’s CEM themes.

Other Key Roles: Sign Up Form, Details

For all other areas where we think we need help, we’ve got a simple form you can use to let us know what you’re interested in doing and how we can get in touch with you.  

General Sign Up

Details on what we’re looking for are below (and thanks in advance for anyone and everyone who signs up–you’re why we’re doing this and will be integral to our collective success)…


A lot will be happening around this year’s CEM themes, and we don’t want anyone to miss it.  So we’re looking for theme curators with expertise related to the theme they’ll be curating who will attend events & activities related to the theme, blog/write weekly syntheses (on our blog) of what happened and was learned in CEM during the previous week  through that theme’s lens, and pose provocative questions for discussion coming out of the previous week’s happenings.  If this sounds like you, we’d be grateful if you would  click curator on this CEM support form.


Are you a serious Pinterest user?  This year’s CEM will have its own pinboards for the first time (we wanted to do this last year, but the time and energy to get the basic event going made this prohibitive).  We’re looking for help in creating pins, curating boards, and coming up with ideas for new ones (we’re starting small and focused, but looking to grow).  Please click pinner on the CEM support form if this is of interest–we’re very excited about what could happen with this platform this year, and appreciate your support.


We’d like to do a better job this year of capturing all the great stories of what’s happening during the month, and better understanding where and how CEM is adding value to the educational experience.  If you’re a good interviewer, a good listener, someone who likes to explore and analyze what’s really going on, someone who always has an ear to the ground or finger on the pulse, a good writer, and/or storyteller (no need to have all of these qualities)–in other words, someone who was born to be an investigative reporter, or “keeper of the memory of the tribe,” and would like to take on that role within CEM, please click reporter/griot on the CEM support form — and thank you for being willing to help!


One of the main goals of Connected Educator Month is to get educators connected, and get more connected.  If you’re an experienced connected educator who enjoys helping the less connected experience what you’ve gained from connection, we’re looking for help (please click mentor on the form) supporting the CEM Help Desk, the CEM Calendar, and other venues we’re either creating or considering to welcome and aid our newest connected educators.


Are you an experienced community or webinar moderator/social artist with an interest in applying those skills to CEM?  If so, we’re looking for help in moderating the new edConnectr service, moderating back-channel chats in webinars, CEM theme and other discussions, and likely other venues as well.  Here’s the link to the form–if you’ve read this far, you know what to do.  PS We know good moderators are worth their weight (real weight, not virtual) in gold–thank you!


October 1 is only the beginning of the month, and we’re hoping many groups (including us) will be kicking off events & activities that go well beyond its end.  So there may well be points, especially early in the month, where we’d like to convene groups of educators to brainstorm concepts to create together and get feedback.  If you consider yourself a creative ideas person, a great concept collaborator, a strong sounding board, or voice of reason/reality check (just as valuable!) in discussions you have with colleagues, we’d like to hear from you. This task will be particularly fun, we think, but you deserve our thanks anyway…


There are likely to be a number of collaborative projects during CEM–it’s a month for building, and building together, like spring is a season for cleaning.  Pages and forms could get created, interfaces, databases, and graphics designed–if you’re someone who works with your virtual hands online in any of these (or related ways, including writing code), you could make a valuable contribution to developing resources that continue to be valued by educators and others well beyond October, and we’d be much obliged to you for your support


The CEM 2012 archives contain nearly 100 recordings of some form, and are a great resource for educators who couldn’t attend the events, or want to revisit and share them.  But there were 450+ events on the CEM 2012 calendar, and that doesn’t include many cool ones that happened “off the grid.”  We plan to make it easier for groups to share their archives this year, but many will likely remain unrecorded and lost unless we have a team of archivists to either capture them or work with event providers to collect and catalog them.  A great task if you’re a natural born collector and/or enjoy making recordings of any kind, and one we can keep from being a burden to anyone else who wants to help if we can get enough educator-supporters involved.


Are you someone who others come to for advice? Do you have a tribe–however large or small–who follows you?  We could really use your help in getting the word out about Connected Educator Month to as many other educators as possible, as well as your expertise in helping collect, craft, and refine materials for connected educators who want to get more of their colleagues connected, but aren’t sure how to do it themselves.  You’d become part of a special community within the site (though to be honest, everyone who helps with CEM is going to be part of a special community), and we’ll also be collecting and redistributing your CEM postings to other CEM participants.  Thanks much in advance for your consideration.

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