Kickoff Panel Archives!

The one with all the USED OET Directors, the one with Thornburg and November, and all the other great kickoff panels all available below--audio, video, chat, plus related links and resources!

Kickoff Keynote Archives!

Couldn't make the opening? Archives for all the keynotes--Deborah Meier, Chris Lehmann, Douglas Rushkoff, Larry Johnson, Connie Yowell are below--all the vid, audio, back channel chat plus related links and resources!

The Sessions

The opening sessions of CEM featured a spectacular lineup of thought leaders and influencers. Even the keynotes were highly interactive and audience-driven–as events about online community should be–and we’re sorry if you weren’t able to attend in person. But we can offer you the next best thing–full recordings of every session, video, audio, audience chat, link-sharing, and everything.

Panelists and moderator for Peer Professional Development panelConnected Education and Peer Professional Development
Panelists: Judi Fusco, Scott McLeod, Howard Rheingold, Tom Whitby; Steve Hargadon moderating


Professional Learning in the Learning Profession PanelProfessional Learning in the Learning Profession: 21st Century PD
Panelists: Cathy Gassenheimer, Jackie Gerstein, Caren Levine, Stephanie Sandifer, Kathy Shrock, Will Richardson; Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach moderating


Knocking On The Door panelKnocking On The Door: Connected Education and New Technologies
Panelists: Drew Davidson, Chris Dede, Cable Green, John Katzman; Steve Hargadon moderating


Directors of the Office of Educational Technology

Connected Learning & The State of Education Today: Directors of the Office of Educational Technology
Panelists:  John Bailey, Karen Cator, Tim Magner, Susan Patrick, Linda Roberts; Geoff Fletcher moderating


Deborah MeierKickoff Keynote: Deborah Meier
Teacher, Principal, Writer, Advocate.  How To Survive In Your Native Land.


Kickoff Keynote: Chris Lehmann  
Principal, Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, PA  


Kickoff Keynote: Douglas Rushkoff
Author, Teacher, Documentarian.  Program or Be Programmed: Commands for Education’s Digital Age


Serving Every Child panelists

Connected Education and Serving Every Student, From Gifted to Special Needs
Panelists: Jenifer Fox, Kathleen McClaskey, Lisa Nielsen, Ira Socol; Tracy Gray moderating.


It's Personal panelists

It’s Personal: Personalized Learning for Students & Educators 
Panelists: Barbara Bray, Mimi Ito, Steve Nordmark, Sylvia Martinez; Darren Cambridge moderating.


Beyond Top-Down panelistsBeyond Top-Down: Distributed Leadership & Teacher-Led Change
Panelists: Shelly Blake-Plock, Suzie Boss, Lisa Dabbs, Bill Ferriter, Shelly Terrell; Steve Hargadon moderating.


Larry Johnson

Kickoff Keynote: Larry Johnson
CEO, The New Media Consortium


Connie YowellKickoff Keynote: Connie Yowell  
Director of Education, the MacArthur Foundation


David Thornburg and Alan NovemberPoint/Counterpoint: Issues & Debates in Connected Education
David Thornburg and Alan November


Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due panel

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Incenting & Recognizing Teachers for Their Investments in Learning
Panelists: Al Byers, Dan Hickey, Claudette Rasmussen, Ruth Rominger, Eric Sheninger; Tom de Boor moderating


First Six Weeks PanelConnected Education and The First Six Weeks
Panelists: Suzie Boss, Lyn Hilt, Jane Krauss, David Rosas, Kate Berten; Andrew Gardner and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach moderating


The Sun Never Sets panelThe Sun Never Sets: Connected Education Around the World
Panelists: Ed Gragert, Lucy Gray, Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay, Anne Mirtschin; Steve Hargadon moderating

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10 Responses to CEM Kickoff: Connected Education In The Education Landscape and Day-To-Day

  1. One joy of teaching is that each school year is a new beginning. I always loved the first 6 weeks, because it was the time for students and teachers to work together to establish norms, expectations and build a culture of respect in the classroom (and beyond). Later in my teaching career, I realized this was also the best time to articulate my own goals for personal and professional development, and establish strategies to achieve them. We are hopeful that this kickoff event, and subsequent forum discussion will be a clearinghouse for sharing our personal goal setting strategies, and our advice to each other for how to establish the best classroom culture possible.

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  4. Looking forward to Dr. Connie Yowell’s talk about transforming the learning landscape (through connected learning) and the Hive Learning Networks. We need more discussion at a national level on networked approaches to learning.

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  5. Gail Riley says:

    I enjoyed reviewing the topics for Connected Education Kick-Off presentations. I look forward to reading and joining in the webinars in the future.

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