A Day in the Life of a Connected Educator

Peek into a Day in the Life of a Connected Educator. Great Info-graphic (scroll down)
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Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Project-based Learning is a way to live in both worlds: Meet the standards and honor student choice and creativity.
First Six Weeks Panel Member Jane Krauss explains in this interview.

BrainPOP Educators webinar series

Wednesday August 22nd 4:00PM ET
As part of the Connected Educators Month and "The First 6 Weeks" discussion, BrainPOP Educators webinar series presents consultant Kate Chechak for an in-depth conversation about best practices for setting up your classroom and preparing students for a positive new year!

Key Questions

Right Now: What are the key to-dos to get 2012–13 off to a great start in the classroom, and how can educators stay on top of and successfully manage all the competing demands involved? How can being connected help?

The Big Picture: How can teachers use online communities and networks to help with this most critical period of the new school year for which we’re all planning? How can communities and networks best adapt to changing needs of educators throughout the year?

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