Knocking on the Door

A forum for discussing how educators can take advantage of big technological trends in their classrooms this year, and which trends have the greatest potential for education.

CEM Continues!

It's Connected Educator Month! A month long celebration of community, with educators at all levels, from all disciplines, moving towards a fully connected and collaborative profession...

Learning 2.0 Conference

The 2012 Learning 2.0 Conference (Aug 20-24) is part of CEM! With Sugata Mitra, Yong Zhao, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Marc Prensky, and much, much more...

Key Questions

Right Now: How can educators best take advantage of big or emerging technological trends (for example, mobile or gaming) in their classrooms this year?

The Big Picture: What innovations and technologies being explored and leveraged outside education today have the greatest potential to be repurposed or extended to create educational value?

Getting Started

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