The Connected Teacher Network

Professional development should include a three-pronged approach: local learning community (PLC), community of practice (CoP), and a personal learning network (PLN)

Change is Necessary

Professional development needs to change. We know this.

A revolution in technology has transformed the way we can find each other, interact, and collaborate to create knowledge as connected learners.

Common Core

Several groups organizing around Common Core, a key 21st century PD issue, e.g. Teaching Channel sharing "secrets of the Common Core", CCC asking everyone to contribute lessons to a 31 day Common Core Lesson-A-Thon

Open PD

"Open" ==> a pedagogical CEM theme. Two special "open" events in next couple of days alone: ASCD (Aug 7, 3 PM) on how to open up your classroom with tech, then NROC (noon, Aug 10) on how to open up your own PD.

Twitter PD

Twitter blowing up! Two cool new events related to our work: @ConnectedEd: follow a different connected educator every day as they live/share the connected life. Future Educators posting about exciting new ed uses like Twhistory re-enactments, too!

Key Questions

Right Now: What steps should every educator consider taking to become more connected, and what are the key resources that can help?

The Big Picture: The traditional model of professional development is based on the educational organization identifying and offering professional development opportunities.  In this time of 21st learning, what is the educator’s responsibility in seeking out and participating in professional development?

Getting Started

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