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The National Center for Literacy Education Project (NCLE) is leading one of the central themes of this year’s international Connected Educator Month in October 2014: Collaboration and Capacity Building. The theme has emerged as important over the last two years of CEM’s celebration. Collaboration has been a common topic of discussion, and at least a third of activities have been collaboratively sponsored. Last year, contributors emphasized the importance of moving beyond “random acts of connection” to focus on educators collaborating to advance the profession and deepen student learning.

To get results, collaboration needs to take the form of focused, purposeful shared inquiry that research demonstrates has clear links to student learning. NCLE encourages activities during CEM 2014 focused on collaboration and capacity building to emphasize this rigorous and sustained approach. NCLE’s capacity building framework is one resource for thinking through this approach.

Some of the organizations that will be hosting activities and events on Collaboration and Capacity Building include: American Association of School Librarians, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Association for Career and Technical Education, Association for Middle Level Education, Consortium on School Networking, Cotsen Foundation, Ford’s Theater, Human Systems, Dynamics Institute, International Reading Association, Learning Forward, National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, National Council of Teachers of English, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Forum on Middle Grades Reform, and National Science Teachers Association.

NCLE-Hosted Events and Content

New events hosted by the NCLE team will be announced throughout the month. Watch this space!

Offerings will include:

Theme Curation Team

A team of NCTE staff and member volunteers are working together to participate and document all of the activities and resources offered during Connected Educator Month that relate to the theme of collaboration and capacity building. We meet weekly to review our collective notes and identify key themes, examples, and questions for the field.

Theme synthesis blog post:

Members of the Collaboration and Capacity Building Theme Curation Team include:

  • Darren Cambridge
  • Maria Clinton
  • Bob Coleman
  • Marissa Crabree
  • Margot Edlin
  • Lisa Fink
  • Jenna Fournel
  • Sarah Harris
  • Kerry Jones-Golembeski
  • Melanie Koss
  • Inas Y. Mahfouz
  • Lu Ann McNabb
  • Laura Meyer
  • Gloria Mitchell
  • Kathy Nelson
  • Kristen Nielsen
  • Debbie Parker
  • Rebecca Powell
  • Michael Rifenburg
  • Heatherlyn Schoeppich
  • Shekema Silveri

Participate as an Organization

Although Connected Educator Month is underway, it’s far from over, and it’s never too late to join in. Your organization still can participate in several ways:

1. Host activities and events related to collaboration and capacity building
Provide an online opportunity for educators to learn related to the theme. You might list on the CEM calendar something you already have planned for October, or you can create a new activity or event. Activities and events can include webinars, Twitter chats, online workshops, and blog series, to name just a few possibilities. (Check to calendar to see what others are planning.)

2. Invite the educators with whom you work to participate in collaborations

One specific form of activity that NCLE will support during CEM 2014 is collaborations. These activities will engage a defined group of educators who participate throughout the month in developing a tangible product shared publicly. Teams might develop a product such as a lesson plan, some curricular materials, a plan for a particular innovation, or a policy proposal. NCLE can provide access to collaboration tools and help to secure access to desired audiences.

3. Promote educator participation

Cross-promotion has been key to CEM’s success. We encourage you to invite your members and followers to participate not only in the activities and events you organize, but also the broader set focused on collaboration and capacity building.

4. Suggest additional organizations

If there are other organizations doing important work on collaboration and capacity building whom you believe ought to be involved with Connected Educator Month, please let us know and introduce us to them so that we can invite them to contribute.

If you would like to participate in CEM in conjunction this theme, please contact Darren Cambridge at or +1-202-270-5224. This opportunity to highlight your organization’s activities that support collaboration and capacity building offers a national and international participatory audience and an occasion to work with other organizations doing work aligned with yours.

Capacity Building Framework

cbframework2The framework for capacity building  that NCLE has developed over the past two years and used to support teams of educators may help you frame your own support for collaboration and capacity building.  The framework includes six types of conditions and practices:

  1. Deprivatizing practice
  2. Using evidence effectively
  3. Creating collaborative culture
  4. Maintaining an inquiry stance
  5. Enacting shared agreements
  6. Supporting collaboration systemically

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