ALA Principal Practices

Year started: 2011
Audience(s): Principals involved in the Master Principal Program and others who want share best practices in leadership.
Who Started It: Diana Peer, Master Principal Leader, Arkansas Leadership Academy
# Members: 21, however membership is not required for engagement
Community Contact: Diana Peer
Ideas and successful practices from principals in the Master Principal Program and others are shared on this blog. The Master Principal Leader posts topics for participants to respond with comments. Recent topics include: Results, Equity and Community Engagement; Resources to Share; Success Stories; Tools of Collaboration. It is our hope that this forum will contribute to the networking and resource sharing begun in a face to face professional learning environment as well as extending the opportunity for engagement in this personal learning network for other educational leaders.
Added on Jan 6, 2012
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2 Responses to ALA Principal Practices

  1. Marty Weaver says:

    I want to thank everyone from the Arkansas Leadership Academy for all the very useful tools and various help this past year. I want to thank my team members for support aand help. It is certain, without all of you, the path would have been much longer. I picked up tools along the way that we are using in my building right now. For these things and much more I am grateful! Please stay in touch along your individual path you travel.

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