Alabama Best Practices Center

Year started: 2005-2011 (multiple communities)
Audience(s): Alabama public educators who are in instructional coaching roles in schools and districts.
Who Started It: The Alabama Best Practices Center in partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education.
# Members: 1,600-2,000
The Alabama Instructional Partners Learning Network was established as one part of a blended professional development program for school and district instructional coaches. The goal is to help Instructional Partners become more effective in their roles as instructional leaders, local learning community facilitators, and change agents.
  1. expert facilitation;
  2. constant interaction;
  3. readily available technical support;
  4. conversation and activities that encourage sharing and lead to trust and deep collaboration around a focused agenda aimed at improving schools and educating all children well.
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Added on May 9, 2012
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An Interview with Cathy Gassenheimer

"We think face-to-face PD is important for social bonding, trust building, and some aspects of small/large group work. But we also know that online communities of practice can not only augment F2F learning but produce a synergistic effect. Both F2F and online experiences keep conversations and explorations 'alive' and moving forward..."
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