Year started: Dec. 23, 2009
Audience(s): For all educators -- teachers, support staff, directors, administrators, researchers, authors, and university professors – anyone working in an education-related field dedicated to supporting the success of each learner.
Who Started It: ASCD; Tim Ito spearheaded the initiative and there have been a number of other individuals involved in its creation.
# Members: 33,000+
ASCD EDge is a community of educators dedicated to networking with one another and sharing the best tactics, strategies and practices in education. The community reflects ASCD’s mission-driven efforts to further improve student learning in the U.S. and around the world. The community’s was initially conceived to connect the various ASCD offline communities– affiliates, connected communities, conference attendees, Student Chapters, Emerging Leaders, authors etc. – with each other in one place online. However, in the words of Tim Ito, "as we began to build the network, we saw that ASCD EDge could be much broader and more powerful, and could be a place where educators from around the world could connect with one another, sharing best tactics and strategies and improving upon their own practice."

Tim Ito: “I think the strength of any community lies with its members. We are fortunate in that we have some of the world’s top education experts active on ASCD EDge and posting on our site regularly. I also think we’ve created a good interactive platform for promoting connections and discussions, including the posting of video, audio, and discussion forums. In particular, we have quite an active group of bloggers. Finally, I think we’ve done a good job supporting the creation of various groups centered around topics or based on existing offline entities. Within these groups, community members have the ability to share documents with each other and schedule activities and events. Every year, we add new functionality and we will continue to update the site with new features. In the next month or so, we will be adding new commenting modules, making the site more mobile friendly, and promoting a Live Events page (our schedule of live streamed webcasts) which ASCD EDge members can watch and comment on.” As noted in Connect and Inspire, ASCD is also considered a leader in integrating online community and community functionality throughout the workings of its organization.  

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An Interview with Tim Ito

"The key decisions were really two-fold in my mind: The first was the decision to outsource the build and the second was to open the community up to everyone, not just ASCD members. I think the fact that the community is open to any educator is a big draw to those who may not know ASCD but can potentially see the value in connecting with our community members, and our content and services..."
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