Year started: 2008
Audience(s): Teachers
Who Started It: A group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools
# Members: 70,000
BetterLesson is a free resource sharing community where educators can get quick and easy access to the highest quality instructional content and practices. BetterLesson's social web platform helps educators create, develop and share their 180-day curriculum with colleagues across the hall or across the world. The site is currently home to 70,000 educators, more than 300,000 teacher-generated resources, and hundreds of specialized content networks.

Once on the site, teachers can:
- Search for and preview lessons, presentations and other instructional files developed by their colleagues
- Upload files with the bulk uploader and build out a full, 180-day curriculum using BetterLesson's unique “My Curriculum” tool
- Browse through and send messages to thousands of likeminded, high-performing colleagues
- Ask other teachers for ideas using the “Request Feedback” feature

Visit to join this dynamic and growing community of educators.
Added on Dec 5, 2011
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