Year started: 2010
Audience(s): e.g. K-12 language arts teachers, state technology directors
Who Started It: Chris Twyman and Ken Haynes
# Members: 40,000
BoomWriter Media, a Cambridge-based digital education company, engages children and educators in collaborative storytelling. Our innovative, web-based publishing platform brings passionate educators, technology experts, corporate sponsors, enthusiastic parents, and students together to promote and develop creativity, writing, reading, critical thinking, and other essential 21st century literacy skills. BoomWriter partners with authors, celebrities, and educators, provides story starts: 1st chapters spark kids' imaginations and inspire story collaboration with classmates and children in competition for publication. Teachers and students from more than 2,500 schools in 60 countries have already joined the BoomWriter community.

We partner with the Public School Districts (Boston,Chicago, El Paso, Racine, Milton, Burlington, Brockton and more), Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Girl Scouts, WGBH and others to inspire the imaginations and curiosity of kids and empower them with the skills to succeed in this tech-savvy world.
Added on Mar 21, 2013
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