Brokers of Expertise

Year started: Visioning: 2007, Launch September 22, 2010
Audience(s): California K-12 teachers and administrators
Who Started It: California's P-16 Council (California Department of Education) & Hewlett Foundation, Stuart Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, etc.
# Members: 3,567
Brokers of Expertise is an online environment to support California's educators. They can easily locate standards-matched resources for integration into their teaching. They can find peers with which to dialogue about resources, best practices, issues they're facing and how to address them. The site automatically establishes a group for the school or district in which the new account holder is employed. Other groups can be flexibly established and managed, including affiliating with other groups. Resources can also be affiliated with other resources, permitting teachers to easily re-locate the tools they want to use together as a lesson. Teachers can add their own self-developed lessons and supports, making those either public, private, or shared with a specific group. Several BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) groups are using the site as their collaboration location.
Added on Aug 23, 2011
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