Connected PD

Year started: March 2011
Audience(s): K20+ teachers, faculty, principals, administrators
Who Started It: NROC
# Members: currently serving hundreds of high school teachers & principals, college & university faculity, administrators
Connected PD offers “community-sourced” Open PD for teacher professional development. We believe that NROC’s Connected PD project is in a very good place to incubate a new model we are calling Open PD.

• Open PD embraces a variety of channels for anytime/anywhere participation.
• Open PD gives educators the support to design and drive their own PD.
• Open PD supports educators in scaffolding and mentoring each other via live Twiter chats, hangouts, webinars and tool jams.
• Open PD facilitates curation, sharing and social authoring of OER amongst educators.

Two easy places to enter the Connected PD community:
Connected PD Linked In group -
Community Contact: Ruth Rominger
Added on Jun 30, 2012
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  1. NROC’s ConnectedPD and P2PU ( School of Education are co-hosting a curriculum design charrette in July. It’s an asynchronous open PD opportunity for scholars and practitioners to “Re-imagine Development English.” We will discuss resources, examples, emergent practices, brainstorm and share ideas to inform the development of open educational resources (OER) for teachers and students. Discussion will continue as long as there’s interest, but is scheduled for 2-weeks of scheduled activities. Check it out, participate, follow.

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