Dendrite – connecting learning

Year started: 2005 - re-launched 2012
Audience(s): students, teachers, education leaders, governors, parents & carers involved with birth to nineteen
Who Started It: The Learning Partnership
# Members: 10,000
Community Contact: Aulden Dunipace
Dendrite delivers learners, teachers, leaders and parents’ outstanding learning and development solutions from around the world. Designed to support the birth to nineteen learning journey, free diagnostic solutions in learning, teaching, leading and parenting help Dendrite user’s access video learning from all of our partners that suit their needs. The community structure and in-built screen, video and audio capture device allows users to collaborate their great practice with other users, and edit this into structured learning content for their communities. Registration if free, as are the diagnostic and evaluation tools to help you on your journey to becoming an outstanding learner, teacher, leader and parent.
Added on Jul 30, 2012
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