Year started: May 22, 2010
Audience(s): All educators, parents, students, community members
Who Started It: edcamp Philly founders: Dan Callahan, Kevin Jarrett, MaryBeth Hertz, Ann Leaness, Mike Ritzius, Christine Miles, Hadley Ferguson, Kim Sivick, Kristen Swanson, Rob Rowe, and Nocolae Borota
# Members: unlimited numbers, always growing
It’s Magic! Edcamp Style Professional Development engages and empowers teachers.

Inspired by the unconference model of participant-driven sharing, Edcamp is a grass roots movement, a professional development model that has taken the country by storm. The model encourages educators to take control of their own professional learning. The educators create the schedule and share their expertise on a variety of topics. Everyone wins!
Added on Aug 23, 2011
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