Educator Studio

Year started: June 2011
Audience(s): Educator Studio is an online community passionate about empowering learners with 21st century skills in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their everyday lives.
Who Started It: Full Sail University
# Members: 90
Community Contact: Joanna Puello
Educator Studio is a virtual platform where Full Sail University’s Education Media Design & Technology Master of Science students can share, rate, and provide feedback on their lesson plan designs. Our blog provides interviews with educational experts, reviews of tech tools, the latest in educational tech development, and news coverage of our educators’ classrooms. In March 2012, we’re launching our new website and inviting all educators to join. The new design will allow educators to create an impressive profile complete with all of their contact information, links to their websites and social media, and a short bio. It will also give them the virtual platform they need to collaborate with other educators on content, projects, and new ideas as well as collect measurable stats that will help them promote real change in your educational community. New additions to our resource page include a repository of tech tools with our review, a description, and tutorials for the first-time user. It's great now, but it's getting way better.
Added on Jan 17, 2012
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