Year started: 2008
Audience(s): All professionals involved in education - at any level - teachers, librarians, administrators, faculty, educational associations, education companies, government and community leaders.
Who Started It: Lisa Schmucki is founder and CEO
# Members: 140,000 as of September 2015
edWeb.net is a professional learning community that brings together the widest collaboration of educators and industry professionals in education to provide free professional learning for educators – anytime, anywhere.

edWeb provides a free, open professional learning network for any educator or educational institution to use to share resources and best practices, and work more collaboratively on any project or education initiative.

edWeb harnesses the expertise and support of the widest range of stakeholders and the latest technology to create sustainable online professional learning. We use the power of collaboration to provide high quality PD programs, and to provide those programs for free for all educators – anytime, anywhere.

edWeb hosts professional learning communities and free webinars on topics that can have the most impact on education. This is not traditional one-time “sit and get” PD, but a collaborative, engaging, ongoing experience that online connectivity makes possible. edWeb’s professional learning communities are an ecosystem that provides free live webinars, online discussions, live chats, archived resources, and continuing education certificates.
  • edWeb.net is a professional social and learning network with 140,000 members who are exceptional educators, decision-makers and influencers, committed to professional development, and interested in technology.
  • edWeb hosts professional learning communities in collaboration with many partners and sponsors that provide free and open PD for educators. edWeb PLCs offer free webinars, online chats and discussions, archived resources, and CE certificates.
  • edWeb won the 2012 Edublog Award for Best Free and Open Professional Development for Educators and the CoDIE 2015 Award for Best Professional Learning Solution for Education.
  • edWeb has recently launched edWeb.TV, an on-demand PD platform that provides easy and convenient access to view edWeb webinar archives – anytime, anywhere.
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Added on Aug 1, 2011
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An Interview with Lisa Schmucki

"...A key decision was to encourage any professional in education – educators, associations, “vendors” – to all participate together as colleagues...many sites discouraged “vendors” but we want the participation of those who create the products and services that are used in learning to make real change..."
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