Year started: 1996, merged in 2007 with In2Books (founded by Nina Zolt)
Audience(s): K12 teachers, their students and parents in 200 countries
Who Started It: Tim DiScipio and John Irving
# Members: 25 million teachers, students and parents in 200 countries
The world's largest network of K12 classrooms, the ePals Global Community™ enables millions of teachers and students to safely connect and collaborate with more than 700,000 classrooms in 200 countries and territories. Offered free to classrooms, educators join the community to participate in community forums, find collaborative projects, and search classroom profiles to engage in authentic exchanges in a safe, protected, educationally focused online environment.
The ePals Global Community has:
•Forums for teachers, students, and families to participate in discussions with peers worldwide, with language translation
•Classroom Match helps educators connect with other classroom teachers by searching ePals profiles based on project topic, student age range, country, language, etc.
•Email-based collaborative projects with digital content from National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institution
•School-safe® email for monitored communication between students and their ePals
ePals Corporation is a K12 education technology company and leading provider of safe social learning networks (SLN). ePals offers a TRUSTe certified platform for building educational communities, providing quality digital content and facilitating collaboration for effective 21st century learning.
Other ePals' award-winning products include: SchoolMail®365; LearningSpace®; and In2Books®. a common core eMentoring program that builds reading, writing and critical thinking skills.
Added on Jan 21, 2012
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2 Responses to ePals

  1. Adina Popa says:

    I believe that ePals is one of the best educational tools out there! It not only connects students and educators from around the world, but it has embedded resources that facilitate meaningful collaboration. From In2Books, a program that connects students with e-mentors to read and discuss books together, to online forums and projects that could put a classroom “on the map,” to the sought-after LearningSpace platform that provides the best collaboration tools within a classroom, school or global community, ePals is the best collaboration resource I’ve seen! Furthermore, I am very impressed with this company’s ability to change with “the times,” and remain relevant to the needs of 21st Century students and educators. AMAZING!

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  2. Sherry Mobley says:

    ePals provides educators like me a fabulous tool for connecting students with peers around the world. My students always look forward to sending and receiving message from their ePals! I look forward to engaging my students with ePals in the new school year, and providing them wonderful resources and tool to increase their knowledge, skills, and understanding of other cultures.

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