Year started: 2008
Audience(s): Educators
Who Started It: grassroot
# Members: 300+
Community Contact: peggysheehy@mac.com or kae.novak@frontrange.edu
Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education (G.A.M.E) is an online community of educators who game. At its core is an online synchronous gaming community. This intellectually curious network of educators develop curriculum, offer online open courses, webinars and F2F presentations on the opportunities and deeper learning that takes place in games. The Cognitive Dissonance Educator guild in World of Warcraft is the "home base" where this group regularly plays online. This community is involved in WoW in School, EduMachinima Fest, Virtual Worlds and Games UnSymposium, Games MOOC and open courses on P2PU. G.A.M.E. is for educators who game, want to learn how to game, and want to incorporate gaming strategies into teaching and learning. Participants will become familiar with the use of massively online roleplaying games, commercial off-shelf games and sandbox genre games in their quest to innovate teaching and learning. All educators are welcome, novice, dabbler, and hardcore gamer. Come game with us to level up on teaching and learning. It’s more than an affinity space for educators who game – it’s a guild.
Added on Jul 29, 2012
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2 Responses to G.A.M.E.

  1. Trish Cloud says:

    Best guild ever in World of Warcraft. It’s made up of educators from all over the world and not only are we all learning the game, we are helping others learn the game, and devising ways that the game can be used to engage students. And other brilliant ideas come out of the guild and it is a dynamic PLN.

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  2. Valerie Noll, CPLP says:

    Since joining this guild, I’ve met people whose passion for learning is so great, it has help reignite my own enthusiasm. This guild is the best thing that has happened for my professional development in a long time, having encouraged me to particpate in the Games MOOC, watch multiple You Tube videos about learning in games and learning in general, and sign up for courses on Coursera this fall. I have learned, for the first time, about machinima, flow & fiero, chaordic systems, and so much more. Perhaps best of all, I have a personal learning network filled with wisdom that I can turn to for advice when I have difficulty promoting more advancing training solutions in my job.

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