Games Based Learning MOOC

Year started: 2012
Audience(s): Educators in general
Who Started It: Online Learning at Front Range Community College
# Members: 250
The Game Based Learning MOOC is a series of online open courses and an online community for educators who want to learn more about games, simulations and game-like environments for education. The Games MOOC community meets in online discussion forums, synchronous online events and virtual field trips into games and virtual worlds. It organizes a TweetChat discussion on game based learning using the hashtag #gamemooc. The Game Based Learning MOOC is offered by Online Learning at Front Range Community College through a Colorado Community College System’s Immersive and Game-based Learning Faculty Challenge.
Added on Jul 29, 2012
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One Response to Games Based Learning MOOC

  1. Trish Cloud says:

    I have learned so much from this group of forward thinking educators. They are not afraid to bring game based leaning into their classrooms and share their knowledge with other educators. Games based learning has so much to offer to engage students.

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