Year started: Fall of 2011
Audience(s): K-12 Educators, students and parents
Who Started It: Groups4Schools Community
# Members: 100's
Community Contact: Keith Tompkins Community User Support
Private virtual community with resources to support online learning and work in Groups.
Added on Aug 25, 2012
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One Response to Groups4Schools

  1. Jarred Connaughton says:

    The site has many useful resources for working online all combined into one space for working in groups. The site is “free” to educators, students and parents. Usually you pay thousands of dollars to get access to virtual tools which are secure and private. This is truly one gift from one educator to others…. In the long term they hope to encourage others to build their own private branded communities but its not mandatory, not much ask but much to offer… a hidden secret!

    Jarred C

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