Year started: 2008
Audience(s): e.g. K-12 educators,
Who Started It: Bonnie Thurber
# Members: 10,000
The iCollaboratory (http://www.icollaboratory.org) provides K-12 educators timely professional development, project consulting, training, technical advice, and Web-based resources and services to practice 21st century learning. It provides students with 21st century tools for data collection, research, collaboration, sharing and publishing. Students create surveys, shared documents, and shared websites.
Educators create online, shared projects the iCollaboratory Moodle that includes 21st century tools from our private and secure Google Apps Domain for Education.
Added on Jun 30, 2012
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  1. This online community is wonderful for students to share their work with other students outside of their classroom. Their writing improves because they realize they are writing for a real audience. Their reading improves because they give constructive, well-thought out comments. They enjoy reading their comments and look forward to the next project!

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  2. Jan Hackman says:

    The iCollaboratory erases the walls of the classroom by providing up-to-date resources and connections to students around the world. The iCollaboratory project structure is Moodle-based with Web connections using Google. Students are able to collaborate with other students and teachers outside of their classroom walls to learn about the culture of students in other cities, states and countries while improving reading and writing performance. Students publish their work on a safe, secure Google network associated with the iCollaboratory. Comments and sharing of ideas from these Google Web pages make student learning relevant and exciting.

    Teachers new to the iCollaboratory learn through sponsored projects where questions are answered in a timely fashion. Teachers who’ve experienced the iCollaboratory enjoy the opportunity to develop curriculum-specific projects for their own classroom, or for a much wider audience.

    The iCollaboratory is a gold mine of opportunity for students, teachers, adjuncts and professors at universities.

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  3. Gayle Greenwald says:

    The iCollaboratory is a wonderful community of learners – teachers and students alike. It is a resource for all, no matter their level of digital literacy, because the connection for support and an environment for creativity are built into the structure. The opportunities it affords the students to collaborate in a community of their peers, who may live in other countries, enabling them to learn about other cultures, other ways of life, other histories, are immeasurable.

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  4. Athanasios Magoulas says:

    The iCollaboratory (http://www.icollaboratory.org). You have to see it for your self:) I can tell you how wonderful it is, until you try it for your self you will never know.
    I have bieng a member for over 10 years and what i have learned from the iCollaboratory over the years is a teaching tool that I have used in my classroom and in my life experience.
    “The iCollaboratory is a gold mine of opportunity for students, teachers, adjuncts and professors at universities”.Said by Jan. I have to agree with that statement.
    You do not know what you are missing until you try The iCollaboratory .
    Take a chance and it is all free :)

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