Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning

Year started: August 2009
Audience(s): Educators
Who Started It: Dr. Nellie Deutsch
# Members: 7000
Community Contact: Nellie Deutsach
IT4ALL is a huge network with followers and graduates of Moodle for Teacher (M4T) workshops. The members of IT4ALL contribute to the success of the workshops and the learning community. The workshops at IT4ALL are facilitated by educators who follow a relationship-based collaborative learning approach where participants become active learners. Active learning goes beyond active participation as teachers and students become partners of learning and learn through teaching. The rationale behind active learning is that teachers are expert learners who can facilitate the process of learning for other learners.
Added on Oct 7, 2013
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3 Responses to Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning

  1. IT4ALL has been a catalyst for building authentic online community. Nellie has been the chief proponent that I know to encourage quality online learning. The open, cost-free nature of the community helps it stay inclusive and diverse. From the beginning they encouraged many participants from diverse cultures and languages. We truly do and can learn from each other as adult learners, modeling the process for our students.

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  2. IT4ALL, organisation, that has given teaching and learning. Teachers/educators learn how to use web 2.0 tools and Moodle the mother of all Learning Management System. The Moodle training is the best in the world i can vouch for it- well structured it starts with the beginners course and culminates with administration course, not forgetting the many Moocs that are organised by IT4all

    Norbert Boruett

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  3. IT4ALL is an exceptional community with incredible teachers and friends. We can learn and train together. There are so many excellent courses and sessions. We are able to get a lot of encouragement , as well as, valuable education. I highly recommend Dr. Nellie as a mentor, teacher and brilliant teacher.

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