Intel Teachers Engage

Year started: 2009
Audience(s): Educators dedicated to transforming the K-12 classroom through effective use of technology.
Who Started It: Intel Teach
# Members: N/A
The Intel Teachers Engage community is a free collaborative space for educators dedicated to transforming the K-12 classroom through effective use of technology. Teachers Engage focuses on core topics of the Intel® Teach Program—effective use of technology, instructional design, project-based approaches, assessment of 21st century skills and open-ended questioning. The community provides a variety of forums, collaborative groups, access to Intel Teach professional learning materials, and regularly scheduled free webinars that provide certificates of continuing education credit for participants.

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Added on Jan 3, 2012
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5 Responses to Intel Teachers Engage

  1. Amelia Buan says:

    I feel like I have a family online

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  2. Frank Bobo says:

    Intel provide a wide array of resources,information, and collaboration for alll teacher across the world. It also makes the users feel, all their ideas are important.

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  3. Tom Diener says:

    Intel Teach has supported teachers around the world for over 10 years. The Intel Engage Community provides a home for educators to collaborate on best practices. Each visit enriches me personally and professionally!

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  4. B Feather says:

    Intel Teachers Engage is a vibrant community of educators from around the world! I love the discussions and the sharing of resources! It’s very useful for creating groups of like-minded educators or a group from one school or district (or country!)

    You should check it out!

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  5. Intel engage is a family. Not only is the engage community a place where we can share thoughts and ideas, it is the place where there are caring cohorts that will help answer your questions. I have always considered the engage community as my family for sure.

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