Iowa’s Community of Practice and Innovation

Year started: April 2011
Audience(s): Language arts, mathematics, science and social studies teachers & curriculum specialists
Who Started It: Nancy Movall and 165 passionate Iowa educators
# Members: 165 and growing
Iowa's Communities of Practice and Innovation (CoPi) involved content specific focus groups who met to analyze, evaluate, develop and implement digital courses and modules (eCurriculum). Teachers from 93 districts participated in this unique professional experience.

The communities of practice focus on the alignment of online content with the Iowa Core Curriculum in the areas of Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. This professional development was facilitated by Etienne Wenger.

“This approach is not merely to provide training to teachers, but to cultivate four discipline-based communities of practice through which pioneering teachers help each other develop practice to implement the new pedagogy in their own day to day work. These communities of practice provide a space for social learning during the pilot and a foundation for scaling up within these disciplines and to new ones” – Etienne Wenger
Added on Oct 10, 2011
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