ISTE SIGVE (Special Interest Group Virtual Environments)

Year started: 2009
Audience(s): All Educators, Technology Directors, Instructional Designers, Administrators
Who Started It: N/A
# Members: 2000
SIGVE is the ISTE Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments in education. Virtual Environments are digitally produced environments that provide for collaboration, communication, exploration, participation, and production through an avatar representation of oneself. Virtual environments are sometimes referred to as MUVEs (Massive Online Virtual Environments) and include MOORPGs (Massive Open Online Role Playing Games). These environments are a growing interest to educators, researchers, and corporate trainers as engaging learning spaces that offer unique opportunities for teaching and learning. Open-ended environments (ex. OpenSim, Second Life, Cloud Party) allow the end user a range of experiences from “consuming” content and participating in educational events to producing content and applications in the environment. This flexibility lends itself to a variety of learning goals and styles. Gaming environments (ex. WoW, Club Penguin, and Commercial off the shelf games) have more clearly defined goals, “quests” and “leveling up” criteria. These are being modified and supplemented with a wide array of educational goals including identified 21st Century Skills. SIGVE is composed of educators involved in each of these environments. SIGVE educators connect among and between each other in their quest to “level up” their professional abilities and invite all educators to connect with SIGVE.
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