Year started: 2010
Audience(s): Early Childhood Educators
Who Started It: Heidi Echternacht/ Amy Murray
# Members: N/A
#Kinderchat is a Global Network of Early Childhood Educators actively engaged in dialogue. Our goals are stated here: http://kinderchat-kinderchat.blogspot.com/p/big-picture.html We run multiple collaborative networked classroom projects throughout the school year.
Added on Jul 29, 2012
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  1. ilona says:

    Great group of supportive early childhood educators seeking to create global connections!

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  2. This group is an active, open, approachable group of innovative early educators. They work hard to support the work of early educators and be a voice for the youngest of our students.

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  3. Meg Unger says:

    #Kinderchat is a great way to connect with other K teachers. We really are a unique group of educators, teaching and learning through play. So it’s great to be with like-minded educators.

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  4. Eileen Bennison says:

    They are super helpful, and it really helps you get excited about teaching the little ones. It will get you intrested in using technology, and they post great links.

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  5. Elena Nickerson says:

    Innovative thinkers and a great global connection.

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  6. Gail P says:

    This is a real grass roots association of early childhood educators from around the world. I find tons of material through the hashtag #kinderchat on Twitter and also in my Facebook feed. The organizers do so much to enrich, educate, motivate teachers to try new ideas. It is very comfortable for newbies, so jump right in. The actual group chat on Twitter is off for the summer but you can find it in the fall on Mondays at 9pm EST. Check out the projects in the works or ready to start up again and you will find something that interests you and your students. It is the BEST of PD in my book.

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  7. David Potter says:

    No one brings the global connected awesome with more creativity, empathy and glitter-glue than the #Kinderchat community. It’s a great hashtag to witness how teaching and learning is changing right before our eyes.

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    • Heidi Echternacht says:

      We are truly honored David! Your support from the very beginning of this journey has been a tremendous boost at every turn. We are so grateful for your example, leadership, sense of fun and friendship. <3

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  8. Ryan Flinn says:

    If there is a group of people that know how to share, it is Kindergarten teachers. You will find a variety of information from this group!

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  9. Je suis content d’aussi trouver des enseignantes d’immersion sur #kinderchat. Yay – Kindergarten French Immersion teacher too!

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  10. Michelle Hiebert says:

    #kinderchat is an amazing community of caring, supportive teachers and learners. To think that I have a PLN with members all over the world that want to collaborate with me and my class is truly mind-blowing. #kinderchat has really broadened the horizons of learning for me and my students.

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  11. Lisa Foraker says:

    HI I am new to this all and after reading your feedback am excited to hopefully be apart of this community. If anyone has any words of wisdom to help me get started and learn how it all works I would really appreciate them. Lisa

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