LINCS Community for Adult Educators

Year started: September 2012
Audience(s): Adult Education and Literacy Practitioners
Who Started It: Literacy Information aNd Communication System, U. S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education
# Members:
The LINCS Community provides members with discussion forums, news, events, shared resources, professional development opportunities, and more. The LINCS Community inspires adult education professionals to discuss and refine evidence-based practices, motivating one another to continue to improve not only their practice but also students’ education and employment outcomes.

The National Institute for Literacy established the LINCS discussion lists in 1995 in order to increase access to electronic information for adult educators, provide a forum for discussion of adult literacy-related policy, and connect the work of adult educators in the field. The discussion lists developed into a means to share research, knowledge, resources, and professional development opportunities.
Added on Sep 11, 2012
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