Literacy in Learning Exchange

Year started: 2012
Audience(s): All P-20 Educators
Who Started It: National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE)
# Members: 16,000
Because literacy is at the center of every discipline, literacy matters for all students.
The Literacy in Learning Exchange is a FREE resource for all educator teams working to remodel students’ literacy learning. All educators are invited to use the site to build or further develop a team in their school, district, or across schools/districts, or in their out-of-school setting, and share their story with the NCLE network.
Explore the Literacy in Learning Exchange:
• View videos, articles, recordings, and more from 30 of the leading education organizations.
• Create a free login to collect and respond to favorite resources.
• Add your professional learning group to the NCLE network of collaborative teams.
• Assess and strengthen your group with the customized online tools.
• Become a Center for Literacy Education.
Added on Sep 25, 2013
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