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Year started: 2000
Audience(s): K-20 teachers, administrators, pre-service teachers, pilot classes
Who Started It: Barbara Bray
# Members: 15,000
My eCoach is an online community for educators built on a coaching platform. Your school or organization can set up a community of practice in a safe and secure place in the cloud. Each community can have one large area with private rooms. All the tools you need are in one place including Common Core State Standards. You can co-author and clone projects, surveys, and quizzes. You can create a community with coaching to support community members where they can collaborate privately and then publish to the world. We have multiple builders: websites, surveys, quizzes, citation, blogs and individual learning plans plus an eLibrary with thousands of resources, images, and projects many matched to standards.

Several communities available for members to join include English Language Learner Teachers, Retired Educators, Leadership, and Personal Learning Collaboratory.
Added on Jul 30, 2012
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12 Responses to My eCoach

  1. The things I like best are:
    1. The people I have connected with. It is nice knowing that there are people out there who are wiling to share and also seek help.

    2. I can keep everything I have done in ONE place. I have been doing this a long time and so I have made things (blogs, lesson plans, websites, lists of useful URLs, etc…) and totally forgotten that they even exist. At My eCoach I have a locker and all of the things that I have done can be kept in there and when I go back and look I am amazed at what is there!

    3. Barbara. She does not give up and has so much enthusiasm.

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  2. Marsha Johanning says:

    What do I like about the My eCoach community. First what’s not to like?! The connections you make with people are unending. Everyone is so helpful and willing to share ideas and materials they have created. You have everything centrally located as you build it right there in your locker. It makes it so easy to come back later and find something that will work in another area. Since you built and stored it right there in your locker you can clone it, edit it and make it like new!

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  3. Lawrence Montgomery says:

    My eCoach is my go to place to organize my curriculum on the web. I post my assignments, upload reference materials/media and create a space for my students to engage in the curriculum. It’s always there for the students to enter and it’s easy to update. The staff at My eCoach are extremely helpful in both technical and pedagogical issues.

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  4. Marcelo Leal says:

    “Barbara Bray is the consummate professional educator. Her passion for excellence with my eCoach has made it the best tool for teachers. There is simply nothing out there like this and it has been the platform for BAFLP’s (Bay Area Foreign Language Project) unit plan development and teacher training workshops over the past two years. Barbara always is willing to discuss process improvements and ways my eCoach can be tailored to any situation. Barbara is personable and given her numerous responsibilities and roles its amazing that she still responds to all e-mails and phone calls in less than 24 hours. Her sense of possibilities is contagious and you always feel you can do more and be more after talking with Barbara”

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  5. Jeff Brain says:

    Barbara and my e-coach have been a huge benefit to me and to my students at San Francisco State University. The easy to use web-building tools have been great for my students, burgeoning teachers, learning to integrate technology into an educational environment. I have made many professional contacts through my e-coach that help sustain my practice as an innovative teacher. Huge thanks to Barbara for her boundless energy, perseverance and persistence.

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  6. Melissa Taylor-Salvador says:

    My-eCoach is an excellent place to share projects, collaborate with educators, and build communities. I adore this resource and utilize it in my classroom. It has more capability than your typical competitors and it remains one of the best, and yet, underestimated resources out there. I think if more people look into this website, they would understand its immense capability.

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  7. The focus on the serve of e coaching – it not about the technology but about the community. The privacy – I know my communities user data isn’t being sold to others. The guidance – Ms Bray and her team are so passionate and professional in their support of growing the community both vertically as well as networking you with others .

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  8. Russ Knopp says:

    In my view, it is impossible to adequately describe My eCoach and its learning and teaching utility in a comment box. Here is my attempt in list form:
    1. A supply of useful, current resources (like I believe is/are available no other place on the Web) for both students and teachers
    2. User-friendly tools with more than adequate help available for one considered a novice and needing guidance
    3. Incomparably LOW cost
    4. Broad-based “community” available for collaboration and interaction to stimulate and promote learning
    5. Great experience for students who are able to create their own sites, blogs, other interactive tools, and thus share their learning with peers around the world
    6. Privacy and security for teachers and students to the degree of one’s choice
    7. Barbara Bray–truly a service-oriented, highly capable and knowledgeable promoter of learning for the 21st century.
    If you are a teacher and don’t have a My eCoach account for you and a Team for your students, you and your students are missing a great opportunity for learning and sharing with others.

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  9. I can not express how wonderful My eCoach has added to my professional development and to my students learning environments. Being able to create websites with ease, and the ability to link, attach, and add your messaging thoughts, is a wonderful tool that does it all. You do not need to go elsewhere you can do it all on My eCoach. Thank you for all you do Barbara!

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  10. Dr. Joanne Mullane says:

    The fact that My eCoach is an educator’s paradise that affords one the opportunity to expand upon the “human” capacity element of coaching, mentoring and collaborating. It is a learning landscape, filled with a plethora of resources, social networking options, and professional development opportunities.

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  11. Peggy Benton says:

    I have done many years of teacher development using My ecoach. It is simply the best. My eCoach has all of the tools, tutorials, lessons, standards and resources that teachers need. Teachers and students can easily collaborate, create lessons, view each other’s work.
    The tools are easy to use and Barbara is so helpful if there is a problem. The lesson templates are beautiful. I don’t have time to develop everything by myself. I need the richness of a fully developed online teacher community that I can count on. When I see a really great lesson or web resource list, I can clone it.
    Barbara has reviewed lots of Web2 tools and you can link to them from inside my ecoach and incorporate them into a lesson or page.
    My time is important to me. I need to work quickly and incorporate a wide variety of learning components. My ecoach is the way to do it.

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  12. Awesome! My eCoach offers us a place to achieve clarity and focus in a most professional and sophisticated manner. And, at the same time, there is the opportunity to learn from others within the community and to share your work with others worldwide! Thank you, Barbara Bray!!!

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