National University Professional Teaching and Leadership Development Center

Year started: 2009, and evolvoing to meet new intersts and demands.
Audience(s): A collaborative environment that intentionally connects P20 educators who commit to evidence based teaching and learning practice defined at accomplished level by the National Board Certification Standards.
Who Started It: Ronarae Adams, National Board Certified Teacher, Director and Lead Faculty for School of Education
# Members: 700 and growing
Community Contact:;
This community was initiated to help link and build a bridge between P12 teacher and higher education for the purpose of learning about and engaging in opportunities that improve instruction and student achievement, as evidence when applying the NBPTS standards, tools, processes and assessments in differentiated subject areas. More recently, the community is advocating for systems of coherence, congruence and coordination by offering free webinars and access to a select group of NBCT adjunct faculty who serve in P12 classrooms and who coach IHE faculty and per service teachers , interested in “raising the bar” for ALL educators to distinguished levels of evidence based performance. Integration of Common Core, InTASC, Learning Forward and NBPTS standards into Master's Degree programs, online professional development ( free), onsite networking support, and university faculty have access to common, shared resources and ongoing communication through a united goal to improve student learning through elevated, teaching effectiveness defined by research based NBPTS standards.
Added on Aug 25, 2012
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