Next Generation Global Education

Year started: 2012
Audience(s): international K-12 educators and organizations
Who Started It: Tracy Hanson
# Members: N/A
The mission of Next Generation Global Education is to develop a Global Curriculum Continuum using Open Educational Resources that will transcend political, cultural and linguistic barriers to provide children worldwide anytime with a dynamic, interactive personalized education. In doing so we will assure students leaving high school are self motivated, independent learners, college or career ready, with experience in global collaboration and cooperation prepared to be leaders in the 21st century.
Added on Dec 5, 2012
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  1. Tracy Hanson says:

    Any day now our new website will open. We are all very excited as it will launch us into the next step – building the lessons. Meanwhile, we have begun a “small: fund raiser. When you visit our site you will see a video presentation of the vision of NGGE along with written explanations. Come – visit us, like us, join us. Together we will make a difference.

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