Promethean Planet

Year started: 2006
Audience(s): K-12 teachers, training specialists, curriculum specialists
Who Started It: Promethean
# Members: 1,379,000
Promethean Planet is one of the world’s largest online teaching communities where teachers from all over the globe connect to share free resources, tips, access premium interactive lesson content and a wide variety of professional development materials.
Added on Aug 26, 2012
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9 Responses to Promethean Planet

  1. I love Promethean Planet. It is a one stop shop for lessons, ideas, questions, or just to connect with other educators. It is one of the few websites that I stop in almost every day!

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  2. LaRae McGregor says:

    Promethean Planet is my favorite teacher timesaver. I appreciate all the tools that are available for us. The community is full of amazing teachers willing to share their expertise with the rest of us.

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  3. Adina Popa says:

    I find PrometheanPlanet to be an amazing tool containing reliable and much-needed resources! The comunity on Planet is also very lively, ready to help whenever in need. Have a question? Come to Planet! You will most definitely find an asnwer!

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  4. LisaD says:

    Promethean Planet has something for everyone! Great videos, lessons and training materials, a wide variety of informative blogs and a very active forum to ask technical question or share great lesson ideas! You can even join a use group that is tailored to a specific subject or interest area. The search capability lets me find just want I need in a few seconds. But what I like about it the most are the people. It’s not just a website, it is a group of amazingly helpful members. Planet is certainly a major part of my personal development plan.

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  5. tabitha says:

    I can’t live without Promethean Planet! I visit this website while planning EVERY unit. Its a great way to get ideas and resources from other teachers around the world. Promethean Planet has resources on absolutely every topic I would need during the school year. I like that I can also share my resources and ideas with other teachers.

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  6. The Planet is available 24 hours a day to teachers around the world. It is fun hearing from teachers from other countries that have the same job we do. You can learn a lot from others. The resources available are outstanding and teachers are always willing to help you with any projects you might be having trouble with. I also really like the forum where I can explore how to fix problems that might arise in the future.

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  7. Samantha Clewes says:

    Promethean Plant is an amazing tool for educators, with access not only to fabulous resources but online training, forums and support 24hours a day. Been able to talk and share ideas and resources with teachers who share my interests is invaluable to me. Its my first stop when looking for support.

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  8. green tea says:

    I really like it when folks get together and share ideas.
    Great website, stick with it!

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  9. Louie says:

    You need to take part in a contest for one of the greatest
    sites on the net. I am going to highly recommend this site!

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