Year started: 2003
Audience(s): State, district and local education personnel; technical assistance providers; families
Who Started It: Technical Assistance Coordination Center
# Members: 1700
Community Contact: N/A
TAcommunities is one place for stakeholders to learn, share, and coalesce around issues using the Communities of Practice (CoP) approach that is supported by the Technical Assistance and Dissemination Network (TA&D) and the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

TAcommunities also provide resources and support to states on issues that impact students and children with disabilities, and their families. The CoP approach can also be used to extend TA (technical assistance) to states through collaboration on topics like the SPP/APR (State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Review) process.

The purpose of the TA&D Network is
• to provide technical assistance, disseminate useful information,
• implement activities that are supported by scientifically-based research, and
• to promote academic achievement and improve results for children with disabilities.
• to find more information go to: TA&D Network
Added on Feb 7, 2012
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