The Educator’s PLN

Year started: October 17, 2009
Audience(s): PreK-12 Higher Ed Educators
Who Started It: Tom Whitby
# Members: 11,223
This is a ning site dedicated to the support of a Personal Learning Network for Educators. It provides sources, connections, videos, blogs, and discussions.

#edchat and Educators PLN creator Tom Whitby writes: “I don’t know how to define my community. I own my Twitter account, #Edchat, The Educator’s PLN and seven groups on LinkedIn. The one weakness that I see is that there is not enough time for me to give equal access to each of the components. I count on a team of people to help out and that does work. However that team of people contains some of the most active educators in social media in their own right. We sometimes struggle to coordinate a webinar with a guest speaker because of the involvement of our team in so many other projects. Time is my worst enemy especially considering how one can be easily sidetracked in any aspect of social media. A quick glance at a tweet can lead to a more lengthy email and then to a lengthy interview and an even lengthier follow up. Prioritizing becomes an essential skill in order to use time wisely. I am not always that wise. The big obstacle to any social media venue is the openness to the world. It is truly transparent, but it does expose us to the detractors who get off on negative energy without regard to consequence. And then there are always the SPAMMERS…” [Ed Note. Tom is honest, but too modest in our view. Among other notable strengths, accomplishments, and qualities, #edchat was a pioneer in the use of Twitter for education, and is considered one of the most successful hashtag communities in education today. The combination of #edchat with Educators PLN has been a model for the integration of sites with social media, and is one of the rare cases where a site has been built around social media, rather than the other way around, a model that may be worth studying and considering by other education groups.]

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