The NASA Educators Online Network (NEON)

Year started: 2010
Audience(s): K-12 STEM Teachers, Informal STEM Educators, Scientists, and Engineers
Who Started It: The NASA Aerospace Education Services Project (AESP)
# Members: 6,700
The NASA Educators Online Network (NEON) is a professional learning community, open to elementary and secondary STEM teachers, future STEM teachers, scientists, engineers, and other professionals who want to support STEM teachers in their important work. The goal of NEON is to help K-12 teachers and STEM professionals find each other based on expertise/needs/interests, develop effective collaborations, learn from and support each other, and find teaching/learning/professional development resources.

NEON is home to over 6500 members, including over 5,000 certified teachers, 1,100 informal educators, 150 members of NASA’s staff, and 215 NASA scientists and engineers.

You can use NEON to find others who share your interests, through a ”Connections” interface that uses information in your profile to show you a graphic representation of the NEON members most like you. Over 250 interest groups help teachers communicate about topics of interest, and make it possible for teachers in a region of school district to create conversations of their own. You can also create your own interest groups, and search for others with shared interests and invite them to join. Membership in NEON also allows you to learn about STEM-related professional development opportunities for teachers, from NASA programs and projects and other organizations.

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