The National Center for Literacy Education

Year started: 2011
Audience(s): stakeholders of all professional educational organizations--discipline specific, teacher unions, national non-profit and for-profit groups
Who Started It: Kent Williamson Executive Director of The National Council of the Teachers of English
# Members: N/A
The National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE) is building a coalition of stakeholders representing the premiere education organizations, policy analysts, researchers, and foundations who are working together to identify and share the plans, practices, support systems, and assessments used by educator teams working to improve literacy learning. NCLE will celebrate the work of successful school teams across the country that are achieving remarkable results in advancing literacy learning, and share what is learned with education policymakers.

Literacy Education Reform from the Grassroots
NCLE will provide support to and compile evidence about how educators working in cross-disciplinary teams design and implement plans to support literacy learners in every classroom. By sharing stories from these educator teams, NCLE will not only make visible teaching and learning practices, it will highlight the organizational conditions and community support that make real progress possible.

Supporting School Change
NCLE is providing the Literacy in Learning Exchange as a free resource to all educator teams. All educators are invited to use the free site to build or further develop a team in their school, district, or across schools/districts, or in their out-of-school setting. Educators that embrace the challenge of sponsoring and supporting a team will be eligible to apply for recognition and support as Centers for Literacy Education.

Sustaining Improved Learning
To complement the gains observed in participating schools and teams, NCLE will fund collaborative research projects and share findings with policy leaders at all levels. Individualized and personal feedback will be provided to teams who seek information or advice about their work. And NCLE stakeholder organizations will make available what we learn from participating teams through our peer-reviewed publications, seminars, and colloquies.
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