Year started: 2011
Audience(s): e.g. K-12 teachers
Who Started It: Andrew Stillman
# Members: N/A
"YouPD is an educator, peer-led professional development community."

"On this site, you can see the ways fellow teachers are solving problems, leave a comment, recommend an idea, share inventive things you’ve done, and take on meaningful professional learning challenges. We want to visualize and applaud how teachers can help each other develop as Learners, Sharers, Collaborators, and Influencers. Watch your credibility amongst your peers grow while helping to build this shared professional resource."
Added on Jul 29, 2012
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  1. Thanks for including YouPD. We like to think of our approach as building an NYC-based “ecosystem” for a 21st C adult learning model that includes opt-in, in-person meetups, blended, badge-earning challenges, and coaching for schools that are part of the New Visions for Public Schools network. Our most popular hacks so far are those that detail our Google Apps Scripts, three of which are featured by Google in the Apps Script Gallery.

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