The Connected Educator Month (CEM) initiative networks educators and education stakeholders through connected professional learning experiences worldwide.

2014 Impact

2014 Impact

Over the past four years, millions of educators and others around the world have participated in hundreds of professional development and other educational opportunities, offering highly distributed, diverse, and engaging activities to all stakeholders at all levels.

As we head into this year’s event and beyond, we’re seeking to significantly expand the scope, depth, and impact of the initiative, creating a more fully globally connected, evidence-based movement that fosters collaboration and innovation to transform professional learning and effect educational change.

Our key goals in service of this vision include:

  • Expanding the reach of CEM by growing a global coalition of education stakeholder groups and partners
  • Documenting and communicating the measurable impact of CEM and connected education
  • Acquiring sufficient resources to achieve year-round sustainability
  • Influencing the way professional learning takes place in and out of schools
  • Fostering collaboration and innovation within and between educators, education stakeholder groups and partners

Building on 2015

2015 was the biggest year yet for CEM. By owning a part of CEM 2016, you’ll work with us to build upon that remarkable success.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsoring CEM offers you worldwide reach, especially to the influencers (connected educators) who drive online education traffic and unparalleled opportunities to network and collaborate with a who’s who of education organizations and companies. Being a sponsor also offers opportunities to positively position your brand with influencers and decision-makers, demonstrate thought leadership in your areas of interest, expand and shape your target markets, launch or promote new offerings with the full support of the connected education community, gain market intelligence from connected education leaders and data from the event itself, and more.

Yearly sponsorship fee Platinum, $100K
Limit 3
Limit 5
Limit 10
Logo and link on sponsor section of participating orgs page* Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark
Priority promotion of events during CEM 2016 Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark
Profile and video interview on the CEM blog Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark
Discount on one top level programming sponsorship 50% 30% 20% 10%
Featured commercial webinar Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark
Home page carousel promotion during CEM
(one space at any time)
4 2 1
2 weekly tweets Tick mark Tick mark Tick mark
Coalition Advisory Board membership** Tick mark Tick mark
CEM Kickoff featured webinar Tick mark Tick mark
Direct introductions to participating orgs with further meeting facilitation if desired Tick mark Tick mark
Logo and link on sponsor page* Tick mark Tick mark
Priority promotion of events on the CEM calendar* Tick mark Tick mark
Featured partner radio show interview Tick mark Tick mark
Theme leader status (includes graphic support and feature page on the CEM site) Tick mark Tick mark
Event/Activity planning support (how to get the most out of your hosted events during CEM) Tick mark Tick mark
Access to calendar “prime time” event slots Tick mark Tick mark
Support for adding your events to the calendar Tick mark Tick mark
Dedicated emails to CEM mailing list (after review) Tick mark Tick mark
Graphics package to promote your theme or one event Tick mark Tick mark
1 weekly Facebook post Tick mark Tick mark
Priority access to market data Tick mark Tick mark
Panelist on official CEM Kickoff and Closing Expert Panels Tick mark
Logo, link, and text on the sponsor page* Tick mark
2 blog posts of your choosing on the CEM blog Tick mark
1 featured initiative blog post Tick mark
2 LinkedIn Community Managers Network discussions on the topic of your choice Tick mark
Home page carousel promotion throughout the year 1 per month
1 Free ad in the CEM space of your choice Tick mark
Post-event executive debriefing Tick mark

*Year-round benefit


Other Sponsorship Packages

Theme or Strand: $20,000

Provide a topical or audience-based strand of activities and events across all of CEM, including:

  • Choice of theme/strand topic/audience
  • Inclusion in CEM calendar submissions and
    calendar taxonomy
  • Custom theme/strand graphics package
  • Custom theme/strand page on site
  • Theme/strand liaison
  • Theme/strand focused calendar
  • Custom calendar with your events only
  • Active matchmaking with other providers and key individuals
  • Theme/strand resource center
  • Planning and facilitation support on kickoff and closing events
  • Priority newsletter promotion
  • Weekly blog post
  • 3 Tweets per week


CEM Book Club: Publishers – $1,000 per book,
Individual Authors – $500 per book

Hands-on support to facilitate a six week book club within the CEM Book Club Community, including:

  • Dedicated Book Club Learning Community Leader
  • Facilitation Support, including:
    • Training on the community  and synchronous online platforms
    • Training on facilitation strategy and techniques
    • Technical set up
    • Outreach
  • Promotional images in the Book Club Community
  • Promotion of books, authors, and any publisher marketing campaigns related to the book club via:
    • One blog post per book
    • 10 Tweets per book during CEM
    • A Showcase Event
    • Promotional graphics kit


Connected Educator SmartBrief: $125-5,000 per week, depending on product

Align your company with the weekly newsletter specifically for Connected Educators and education stakeholders. Benefits:

  • Combined credibility of two established brands
  • A variety of ad formats and opportunities to develop coordinated campaigns reaching Connected
  • Educator SmartBrief readers as well as multiple lists targeting a variety of education communities;
  • Special offers and ad packages during CEM;
  • Exclusivity—a limited number of advertisers per issue and per product;
  • Alignment with the latest content curated for the Connected Educator community by SmartBrief editors, as well as original content from educators and industry experts;
  • Editorial integration in addition to traditional graphic/text advertising;
  • Detailed, comprehensive reporting on response rates and effectiveness.


Chaperoned/Dedicated Email: $8,500 per mailing

Dedicated email newsletter sent to CEM mailing list(s) including:

  • Custom Messaging and graphics/design
  • Choice of audiences


Newsletter Feature: $1,250 per newsletter

Sole Recognition on a CEM Newsletter

  • Prominent positioning in top spot for text promotion of choice (e.g promoting your CEM events/activities, products, issuing calls to action CEM events, etc.)
  • “Featured CEM Supporter” Header
  • Logo Graphic


Event Series: $8,000

Sponsor a CEM event series (three to five events) such as the Connected Café or develop one of your own:

  • Topic of your choice
  • Brainstorming & planning with CEM staff member
  • Connections to CEM community experts/leaders
  • Development and Facilitation Support
  • Branding on promotions and related social posts


Showcase: $5,000

Sponsor a showcase of CEM events and activities around a topic or product on the site:

  • Determine the topic for the showcase or get visibility on an existing one
  • Get co-branding, sponsor acknowledgement on the showcase home page
  • Get top-level promotion and/or premier positioning of CEM events & activities you contribute to the showcase


Connected Educator Month Radio: $8,000

Featured presence on CEM Radio Station, including:

  • Sponsor branding on the CEM Radio station
  • Ads on the CEM Radio station page
  • Up to four showcase shows/year
  • Sponsor acknowledgment and tagline at beginning and end of each show, w/an additional in-show reference
  • Regular “Voices of CEM” newsletter promotions and blog posts linking to the CEM Radio page
  • Ongoing top-level menu promotion of CEM radio on the CEM site
  • Regular promotion of the radio station in the CEM home page promotion carousel


Design Your Own: Price based on scope and CEM staff time required

Work with our team to create your custom piece of CEM. Options may include:

  • Banner, sidebar, and embedded promotional images and text
  • Contests, games or awards
  • Resource centers on our website
  • Collaborative projects with us, other organizations and the community
  • Blended or international events/activities


Contact Connected Educator Month

Interested, but not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us to discuss a custom opportunity.

Melissa A. Rasberry
Project Director, Connected Educator Month,
American Institutes for Research

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