Theme Leader Update

Since we last updated you, we’ve been fortunate enough to have two more great groups step forward to lead Connected Educator Month themes –edtech pioneer CUE will be leading the Blending Learning theme with CEO Mike Lawrence and the Nashville Public Schools, led by Dr. Kecia Ray, ISTE board chair and Executive Director of Learning Technology and Library Services will be leading the Whole Community Engagement theme of which her school system has been a model.  Connected Educator Month 2014 Themes

We still have one theme, Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Global Education, looking for a leader, and if your organization or one you know has a passion for these issues, let us know.Last year at this time, none of themes had as much as single individual curator, let alone the powerhouse organizations that have taken up the mantle this year, so there’s still a lot of time to make a lot happen.All of our theme leaders have been reaching out to other organizations to collaborate on their themes (including each other).  In case your organization is interested in or planning to providing events, activities, resources, promotion aligned with any of the themes- we wanted to let you know who was the leader of the various themes. Leave a reply below and we will help connect you to any of the Theme Leaders.

  • Blended Learning, CUE, Mike Lawrence
  • Collaboration & Capacity-Building, NCTE/NCLE, Darren Cambridge
  • Educator Professional Development & Learning, ASCD, Ross Romano
  • Leadership for Change, ISTE, Craig Thibaudeau
  • Student Agency, Student Voice & The Maker Movement, NWP/Educator Innovator, Christina Cantrill
  • Whole Community Engagement, MNPS, Kecia Ray
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